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The protectors. The resolute. The determined. The defiant. The unrecognized guardians. The patriots. The fighters and true believers.

These are the military organizations who tirelessly work to protect and serve the citizens of our country. We are proud to call them our clients.

Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Border Protection. This is how we serve them to ultimately serve you. Innovation. Precision Engineering. Compliance.

It’s all that and more. That’s MilspecPPG.

One Mission

Stephen Mackenzie Gray

Founder and Managing Director
You may ask yourself, what qualifies Stephen Gray the founding member and Managing Director of MilSpecPPG, to be any kind of authority on Aerial Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Border Protection?

Well, during the 1970’s Steve served for six years in The Queen’s Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards touring Germany, Kenya, the Sudan and Northern Ireland.

It was during the troubles in Northern Ireland where he worked in a covert intelligence cell in South Armagh. South Armagh was then commonly known as ‘Bandit County’. Smack on the border between Eire (Southern Ireland) and Northern Ireland which was and still is under British rule. Other than a few official border checkpoints spanning the width of both countries, the border was nothing more than an invisible line. The entire border area was and still is bleak arable farmland. For the majority of the year this activate theatre was worsened by snow, freezing fog and or torrential rain. In the winter months the sun started to go down at 3.30 p.m. in the afternoon. Terrorist attacks on the police, British soldiers and the general public were an everyday occurrence. Rocket attacks, mortar bombings, sniper fire, IED’s (improvised explosive devices), human and arms trafficking, illegal vehicle checkpoints, abductions and cold-blooded murders happened daily in Northern Ireland.

These atrocities were committed by the outlawed PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army). The attackers were either in sleeper cells already based in the North of Ireland or they’d come across the border from the South (Eire) and hit their subject target and then either hightail it back to the sanctuary of Eire (Southern Ireland) or go to ground in the North.

This active theatre was no different to what our Armed Forces are experiencing in, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent, what’s happening on the United States border with Mexico today.

Steve purchased his early release from the military in order to marry his wife Carolyn. They have been together now for thirty-nine years. Steve spent a further twelve years as a London police officer. The last eight of which as a Detective, most of which was spent with 4 Area Major Investigation Pool, as a murder squad officer.

Having seen the threats materialize from the other side, Steve is probably more qualified than most to speak on the subject of Aerial Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Border Protection than anyone. He is the founder and CEO of MilSpecPPG LLC – a company that designs, manufactures and distributes Light Reconnaissance and Surveillance Aircraft for Military and Law Enforcement applications. A proactive solution to aid safety by knowing… what lays underneath or on the other side. It’s prevention not reaction.