Please ensure you carefully read and acknowledge this Legal Warning and Disclaimer before piloting any of the aviation products that MilSpecPPG LLC manufactures and or distributes and sells.

Powered Paragliding piloting in any form, Foot Launched or Wheel Based Paramotoring, for any application of use and includes; Commercial Entities, Local or Federal Government, Environmental or Agricultural Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Border Protection Agencies, the Military, Emergency Medical Services, Sporting Use or Private Recreational Pleasure is extremely demanding. It requires exceptional levels of attention, judgment, maturity, and self-discipline. Powered Paragliding flight is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injuries and death even when flown by a proficient and competent pilot using quality equipment.

As a prospective client of the company, you agree to make a conscious and continual commitment to protect the safety of yourself or designated pilots under your command and the safety of others when flying any form of Powered Paragliding Aircraft. Furthermore, You assume all risks connected with the operation of any of the company’s products and accept total responsibility and legal liability for any property damage, injury, or death which may result out of or connected with the use or misuse of any of the company’s products.